Code of Conduct


Akam’s staff is expected to support the core values of the company and based on these values we have created the Akam Code of Conduct. It describes the way we conduct our business, always, anywhere and under any condition. Akam Code of Conduct gives us direction and support to manage our business ethically, to comply with the law and our reliability. It covers the main topics concerning business conduct in a simple framework and is also applicable to our clients, our subcontractors and other business partners. This Code is a guide line for all of us, no matter where we are or what role we have in the company. Based on Akam Code of Conduct work is more than just providing the expected services to our clients, we are also committed to provide them our advice for the best solutions.

We are committed to uphold the highest standards for our conduct and in order to keep our high standards, we encourage our staff that has concerns about a violation of the code of conduct to report it to us. It means if a situation appears illegal, inconsistent with our values or simply does not feel right, never proceed but inform their concern to their boss.

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