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Asia AKAM Industry Co. recognizes that the safety of people and the protection of the environment are a critical element of our business, and we are committed to conduct our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. This is achieved by adherence to a structured HSE Management System which addresses the responsibilities of the Company’s management, staff, subcontractors and other parties involved in the performance of our operations.

We are committed to the followings: 

  Providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and subcontractors at each work location,

  To decrease accidents, incidents or damage,

  Complying with government legislation, applicable laws and client policies relating to health and safety and environmental protection, 

  Providing a formal set of HSE related rules, procedures and guidelines which our operations are performed, and demand strict compliance of our staff and subcontractors,

 Providing training and advice to our employees in matters of HSE compliance,

  Encouraging feedback and suggestions, and seeking effective ways to implement them, 

  Enforcing a clear system of HSE accountability within organization, 

  Continuously learning from all incidents and near misses by considering ways to prevent a future re-occurrence , and improving the way we deal with the relevant HSE issue. 

   In this way we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence and trust of our stakeholders and to contribute to sustainable development. 

    We will deliver this promise by: 

  Compliance with legal and other requirements,

  Encouraging visible and active HSE leadership within the company,

  Ensuring all hazards that could cause harm are identified and eliminated where possible,

  Stop work at emergency HSE situation,,

  Pollution prevention, reducing waste, emissions and discharges,

  Using material and energy efficiently,

  Training HSE laws and regulations,

  Ensuring everyone is informed, well trained, engaged and committed,

  Recognizing those who contribute to improved HSE performance,

  Ensuring our contractors and service providers understand and manage all HSE aspects in line with this policy,

  Maintaining an effective emergency management capability,

  Reporting our performance – good and bad,

  Openly communicating with all our employees and external stakeholders,

  Providing a culture where all Asia AKAM industry employees share this commitment.

   ASIA AKAM INDUSTRY CO. is committed to continual improvement of HSE performance and our management systems.

We believe that every one of our employees at Asia AKAM industry should be able to go home from work without having suffered or caused harm to themselves, their work colleagues or the environment.


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