Pre-Engineering Survey

Before any installations on the seabed, it is necessary to conduct pre-engineering survey on the proposed installation location or route. Typically, the information is acquired using a combination of techniques:


Seabed bathymetry and topography :

Echo sounding or swath echo sounding (particularly in areas of uneven seabed, outcrops, corals, pockmarks, sand waves, etc)


Seabed features and obstructions:

Traditionally by side scan sonar, modern mosaicking systems will provide an acoustic “photograph” of the seabed in which prominent features and morphology can be more easily understood and interpreted.


Detection of ferromagnetic objects and anomalies:

The Magnetometer system will be deployed to identify metallic objects, such as pipeline, cable and metallic debris.

The Sub-Bottom Profiler will be deployed to identify strata below the seabed more over shallow gas can be extract from SBP Data.
For this type of survey operation, we use the most recent technologies, equipment and methods to provide our customers with high quality data acquisitions and interpretations.  All result for pre-engineering survey is presented in the following reports:

  Final text report “Pre-Engineering Survey Final Report”
  Alignment sheets.


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