Mohican ROV

The MOHICAN ROV is known for its outstanding performance and reliability in the offshore industry. This ROV can accommodate a range of state of the art sensors; High Definition camera system (with overlay and mpeg4 recording), FMD (flooded member detection), cable and pipe trackers, bathymetric systems and multi beam sonars. It can also install a 3,000 psi High Pressure Water Jet system, or a 6 station general function valve pack and HPU, enabling the use of a range of manipulators and hydraulic tooling.
Reliable Thrusters:

Mohican uses a 6 thruster configuration to provide maximum horizontal and vertical capability.

    4 x SPE180 horizontal thrusters in a vectored configuration producing very high all round thrust utilizing Sub-Atlantic’s‘ Dynamic Vectoring’ system.
    2 x SPE180 vertical thrusters vectored outward to clear the vehicle lower deck leaving it free of cut-outs in way of tools and skids.
Hydrolek HLK-MB4 Manipulator
Surface Control System

 Full Specification

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