Offshore/Onshore Laboratory Test

Offshore laboratory testing

A dedicated air conditioned container is provided near the drilling rig for the purpose of carrying out required tests on the soil samples. The container is located beside the drilling rig area so that samples recovered from the borehole would be carried immediately to the laboratory with minimum simple disturbance.
Following laboratory tests can be carried out in the onboard laboratory on the selected soil samples:

Visual description    Submerged unit weight
Grain size distribution (Sieve and Hydrometer)
Moisture content
Wet and dry density
Specific gravity
Atterberg limits
Pocket Penetrometer (field undrained shear strength)
Torvane (field undrained shear strength)
Unconsolidated undrained triaxial (undrained shear strength)
PH meter
Reaction to HCL

Torvane & Pocket Penetrometer






Triaxial Test (UU)

 Onshore laboratory testing
Onshore laboratory testing schedule will be decided by AKAM’s geotechnical engineer depending on the requirements for the engineering analysis. Different laboratory tests, as applicable, will be performed in the onshore laboratory; on the selected soil samples as the following:

Sieve analysis

Hydrometer analysis

Atterberg limits

Chemical analysis

Oedometer consolidation test

Direct shear strength

Triaxial shear test CU and CD test

point load index and UCC on core samples


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