Fiber optic cable maintenance


Submarine fiber optic cables are undoubtedly the optimal communication infrastructure to carry digital payloads, which are then used to carry telephone traffic as well as the Internet and private data traffic between nations. The total carrying capacity of submarine cables is in the terabits per second, while the alternative satellites infrastructure typically offers only megabits per second and displays higher latency. With the constant rise in demand for high-speed communications, there is a constant surge in demand for more submarine fiber optics infrastructures.


With our state of the art equipment and skilled personnel, AKAM can provide quick response to damaged cables by rapidly locating the two ends of the damaged cable, reconnecting the fibers and cable, and then testing the cable, while providing comprehensive documentation.




Nexans Marine Joint Box

AKAM Cable Vessel


Cable Reels and Different Winches: M/V AKAM 110 is equipped with two FOC reel and four supporting winch to carry out the cable repairing and laying operation.


Jointing Container: M/A AKAM 110 is equipped with jointing and splicing container(clean room) including the variety of marine joint box accessories and toolkits and  Optoelectronics instruments such as fusion splicing, Optical Time Domain Reflector (OTDR), optical power meter, cutter and strippers, talk set and etc.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cables: fiber optic cables are laid on the bottom of the sea to provide a communication link between nations. The Fiber Optic Cables is employed as an infrastructure for telecommunication links between Iran Oil and Gas Field platforms.


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